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  Wednesday, Nov 25 2015  

Bangladesh celebrates “100 Plus” BRÜCKNER machines

The BRÜCKNER group of companies with head office and production in Germany is known as manufacturer of state-of-the-art textile finishing machines. The narrow and personal relationship to the customers allows to identify potentials for development very early and to set up new processes. The textile industry in Bangladesh has grown continuously in the last years and requires by now very challenging machinery technologies. The high quality of the lines and the excellent service allows BRÜCKNER to satisfy these demands and the company could celebrate this year that they sold 100 machines in Bangladesh.

For this motive more than 150 Bangladeshi customers were invited to Dhaka on 16th October 2010. Regina Brückner, owner and CEO of the BRÜCKNER group travelled especially to Bangladesh to thank every customer personally for the many years of confidence and to give him a little gift. The many appreciative feed-backs of our customers are for us incentive enough to sell the next 100 machines in this country.  Thanks to the support of our local agent, Pacific Associates Ltd. we are looking back to a successful event which many customers and we, too, will keep in good memory for a long time.

After this successful event Ms. Brückner visited some customers around Dhaka, among others the company Hamid Fabrics Ltd. which is a part of the Mahin Group. Under the leadership of its dynamic management, the company showed already in the first years after its establishment in 1996 a considerable growth and expanded rapidly to a 100 % exportation-oriented manufacturer of woven fabrics and garments.  The weaving mill alone comprises today more than 220 state-of-the-art looms and rapier looms. Dyeing and finishing are completely automated and the machines are the best available technology. Every year 30 million meters of fabric are produced in 3 shifts. This makes the Mahin Group the indisputable market leader, also in view of the quality of its products.

The company dyes fabric for trousers with up to 450 g in continuous operation on a BRÜCKNER POWER-COLORTHERM thermosol line. The downstream arranged BRÜCKNER POWER-FRAME stenter provides for the decisive quality benefits. On this 8-zone line the fabric is provided with different characteristics such as easy-care finishing, teflon coating, hydro-phobic finishing etc. 

Abdullah Al Mahmud (Mahin) – Chairman of the Mahin Group – expressed his extreme satisfaction with his BRÜCKNER machines. "We invested in this German technology to increase the production and to optimize our fabric qualities. This allowed us to strengthen clearly our position as market leader and will enable us to hold our ground in the international competition in the future, too." The BRÜCKNER machines are functioning since their installation in 2003 in 3-shift operation with extreme accuracy and reliability. Each day up to 80.000 m of fabric are finished on these lines.

from the left: Mr. Shahabuddin (Pacific), Mrs. Brückner, Mr. Schulte-Austum (Brückner) in Dhaka
Mrs. Brückner and Mr. Shahabuddin presenting the gift to Mr. Abdul Wahed, Chairman of DBL Group
Mr. Mahin and Mrs. Brückner in front of the BRÜCKNER POWER-COLORTHERM

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