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Glass mesh fabric | Saturday, Nov 28 2015

Glass mesh fabric

BRÜCKNER produces with technical know-how finishing lines meeting the high demands of finishers of woven and knitted textiles. In many years of cooperation, BRÜCKNER proved to be a reliable partner of the finishing industry.

BRÜCKNER plans and supplies modules such as unwinding units, heating presses, fabric accumulators, drying and heat treatment units, traction units, stretching units, selvedge gumming and cutting units and batchers used as individual units. Combined with innovative drying and heat treatment technologies, this leads to solutions which are absolutely tailor-made for the customers’ individual needs.

The various applications resulting from the different technical textile sectors require a high degree of competence of our engineers. Together with the users and their experience and with the chemical industry, our engineers work out path-breaking solutions for this industry which are outstanding in quality, efficiency and flexibility.

Our range of products comprises among other things finishing lines for glass fabric / glass fabric mesh for the production of construction reinforcements, grinding discs, printed circuit board reinforcements and glass fabric wall papers as well as special lines for the production of plaster bandage, filter material in the high temperature field of more than 300 °C, abrasive cloth or stenters in stainless steel (clean room technology).


  • Customer specific layout with the fitting technology
  • High precision of the machine elements for trouble free fabric transport
  • Reproducible finishing results
  • High quality of the final produce